The Wizards Child Turns 21

When a child turns 21, does the child know what’s happened?

The child has achieved so much – just to get to that point – and with luck their achievement will be celebrated

Do not forget the achievement of the parent, in getting them there, because one never stops worrying as a parent

A Wizard’s child is no different, because the child may not be a Wizard.  Might not even be a trainee Wizard, because they have not wanted to follow their parent into the art of making people smile.

Making people smile is a vital element to being a Wizard and throughout the child’s life, this would have been the parents main responsibility.  Natural protection, warmth and food follow quickly behind.

Having children adds to long life on occasion.  The whole process is so stressful.  Sometimes the pressure of being a parent can become too much, especially if the parents separate.  At that point, the health of all parents has to be monitored by friends

Training  your child to be careful with too many potions is very important, especially when they turn 21, because after that they can do anything.  Of course, one of the main potions enjoyed by your children will be alcoholic beverages mixed with good times and joviality.

Any Wizard will teach their child the risks associated with alcohol and the teenagers guide to alcohol is a great resource


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