Magic Spells and The Empty Wine Glass

There is no magic in a wine glass. 

Wine is not magical. It’s a bi-product of wasting grapes

Seeing an empty wine glass promotes drinking and our society is enjoying wine, as if it’s adult candy you would give to a baby

Everyone wants to believe they are a special person. Spectacular and always right. Wine helps

Yet the magical sensation of drink is a lie

Your brain is flat out lying to you. Making up random wild thoughts which are false

And in a few hours your body has to destroy the bi-product

Your body is not a purpose built waste incineration unit. It’s flesh and blood. The destruction of an already wasting bi-product damages you

With wine. Whiskey. Or beer. They all empower you. Or take you to a private place in your mind where you can forget

This is not magic. This is abusing the fresh apple until it’s soft and then disposing of it. 

Magic is admiring the sparkle of the clean wine glass when the sun hits it. Magic is thinking positively that you can make your own happy thought and not waste time lying to yourself



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