Reassess your Friends once Sober. They will you

Nobody mentioned the second life, which you discover when you no longer drink, would present a whole new set of challenges. One of them is relearning friends.

When you are enjoying drinking you do not really think straight. You function. 

Your strength of character, appearance and upbringing determines your success. Friends either guide or abandon you. 

Afterwards. When the dust has settled and your last drink is long forgotten. When your body has physically rid itself of the toxins and has cleansed itself. Your friends evolve before your very eyes. 
When your emotional side no longer needs the comfort of the taste to take you away to another state of mind, you can see things very clearly. 

You find yourself meeting your friends again with new eyes. You do not have introductions to them again, as such. They are just there and will be the same. They will not have changed and will remember your bad side, so there’s a reason they continue to accept and allow you to remain in their lives. 

You should reassess them in the same way they will have reassessed you. 
Consider what they want you to provide or achieve for them. 
Do not trust anyone other than family and long term friendships, because lesser friends will be after something
You also find yourself learning all about yourself again. You are a survivor. A winner perhaps. 
You can rely on yourself. 
Learning again all about those around you is another matter. 


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