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The Wizards Child Turns 21

When a child turns 21, does the child know what’s happened?

The child has achieved so much – just to get to that point – and with luck their achievement will be celebrated

Do not forget the achievement of the parent, in getting them there, because one never stops worrying as a parent

A Wizard’s child is no different, because the child may not be a Wizard.  Might not even be a trainee Wizard, because they have not wanted to follow their parent into the art of making people smile.

Making people smile is a vital element to being a Wizard and throughout the child’s life, this would have been the parents main responsibility.  Natural protection, warmth and food follow quickly behind.

Having children adds to long life on occasion.  The whole process is so stressful.  Sometimes the pressure of being a parent can become too much, especially if the parents separate.  At that point, the health of all parents has to be monitored by friends

Training  your child to be careful with too many potions is very important, especially when they turn 21, because after that they can do anything.  Of course, one of the main potions enjoyed by your children will be alcoholic beverages mixed with good times and joviality.

Any Wizard will teach their child the risks associated with alcohol and the teenagers guide to alcohol is a great resource


Too Much Chilli and the Magic Dries Up

There is no doubt that a little chilli will spice up your food

Spicing up your food increases your blood flow

Which in turn makes more blood flow through your brain

So you think quicker. Sharper. More like a Wizard

Some people’s tongues can cope with the “hot”

The heat continues to travel for over a day

Extra energy in your body has to be absorbed somewhere until the energy is dispersed

This is the truth of everything we consume

In some countries introducing heat into the body is a way to cool down. This is great logic but how hard is the body working to keep cool anyway

Chilli is Wizard potion material. In moderation


Magic Spells and The Empty Wine Glass

There is no magic in a wine glass. 

Wine is not magical. It’s a bi-product of wasting grapes

Seeing an empty wine glass promotes drinking and our society is enjoying wine, as if it’s adult candy you would give to a baby

Everyone wants to believe they are a special person. Spectacular and always right. Wine helps

Yet the magical sensation of drink is a lie

Your brain is flat out lying to you. Making up random wild thoughts which are false

And in a few hours your body has to destroy the bi-product

Your body is not a purpose built waste incineration unit. It’s flesh and blood. The destruction of an already wasting bi-product damages you

With wine. Whiskey. Or beer. They all empower you. Or take you to a private place in your mind where you can forget

This is not magic. This is abusing the fresh apple until it’s soft and then disposing of it. 

Magic is admiring the sparkle of the clean wine glass when the sun hits it. Magic is thinking positively that you can make your own happy thought and not waste time lying to yourself


Did I lose something

I was taught never regret:

“You cannot regret where you are in life. Your actions led to where you are”

Would I be somewhere else if I had not been drinking? Would my decisions have led to different outcomes if I had been thinking as I do now?

These are ridiculous questions, because I am who I am.

It doesn’t help though when momentarily I despair. When I lose my temper over something I cannot change, which I think for a second is the result of my foolish ways.

Any decision made whilst drinking is likely to be wrong.

Money spent on alcohol is usually a waste and if you are drinking to excess the extent of waste is inevitable.

You cannot change your past. Do not beat yourself up over it.

You thought you were doing the right thing at the time.

That’s good enough for me.


Reassess your Friends once Sober. They will you

Nobody mentioned the second life, which you discover when you no longer drink, would present a whole new set of challenges. One of them is relearning friends.

When you are enjoying drinking you do not really think straight. You function. 

Your strength of character, appearance and upbringing determines your success. Friends either guide or abandon you. 

Afterwards. When the dust has settled and your last drink is long forgotten. When your body has physically rid itself of the toxins and has cleansed itself. Your friends evolve before your very eyes. 
When your emotional side no longer needs the comfort of the taste to take you away to another state of mind, you can see things very clearly. 

You find yourself meeting your friends again with new eyes. You do not have introductions to them again, as such. They are just there and will be the same. They will not have changed and will remember your bad side, so there’s a reason they continue to accept and allow you to remain in their lives. 

You should reassess them in the same way they will have reassessed you. 
Consider what they want you to provide or achieve for them. 
Do not trust anyone other than family and long term friendships, because lesser friends will be after something
You also find yourself learning all about yourself again. You are a survivor. A winner perhaps. 
You can rely on yourself. 
Learning again all about those around you is another matter. 


Children grow up

I grew up

When did that happen?

Control+Alt+Delete to my own memory back to theirs’ would be a futile waste of my experiences. And playing those experiences back to myself is rewarding. 

Coming to terms with my past helps construct my future and drives me on. Individual moments  allow me to avoid past mistakes, but also allow me to overcome fear. And pain

If I could teach my child the near death moment: the one that changed the course of my life I would welcome the chance. Is that fair on either of us?

Being close to death and managing that memory for the moment is more powerful than any magic spell. I might be invincible – and feel pain – but that memory guides me through the present with great power

Have I not just had to endure morning pains but my memory helped me

Use your memories to assist your presence

Help your children strive closer to their dreams by reminding them of their successes

Let them remember their own failures. Keep them positive


The Need to Pace Yourself

Welcome all millionairescropped-painting-1077861__1801.jpg

You write, you blog, seeking recognition

Success does not happen overnight

You cannot just go onto your lotto app and just click success

Achieving the extent of inner calm from life – possessed by us few – takes years of work and pain, dedication and understanding.  The occasional near death experience helps you as well, but the best success money cannot buy is inner calm

Why does your mind run so quickly – seek to achieve – yet fear everything around you.  There is no need for the fear, because you do not understand fear.  Do not try and forget your life with an extra drink

Just the other day, driving, taking five – fear hit me from behind.  I remembered lying on the hospital trolley when I did not know I was bleeding out.  No one had told me they had called my girl to say she had better get back to the hospital.  Without a surgeon, the call had said I would be dead in hours

The nurse that made the call is now a good friend of the family, but denies recognition, yet she featured recently in a dinner time conversation and that reality check hit me again.  Without knowing I would be dead within hours of falling ill without any warning at all.

This knowledge motivates me to help others

Do not drink too much!

Buy a pizza – not more wine: buy a desert, or a trampoline voucher

If you have to drink a lot with friends: then pace yourself and do not overdo it