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Read The Teenagers Guide to Drinking

The book is aimed at everyone

We should not forget that alcohol is a poison

Eventually the body will have enough, so the sooner we understand that the better

It nearly killed me

Its also cheap, so accessible.  As is my book

This teenagers guide talks about drinking, why we drink, the risks of drinking and then some tips, which are changing the course of my teenage nephews’ lives for the better

The CONTENTS of Teenagers Guide to Drinking is simply structured






Its an eye opener, which I enjoyed writing.  The positive feedback from my teenage nephews however.  Priceless

John Swan


Delaying the Ageing Process: story 1 of 9 – “the concept”

I have found the trick of naturally turning my grey hairs blacker?

This discovery was not expected, as I was recovering from a sudden nearly fatal illness.  I was simply just trying to survive, yet I stumbled across it all the same.

When I drank, I expected to one day succumb to an illness connected with my habit, but now I am stronger, fitter and more powerful than any of my fifty year old peers.

It is not possible to stop the ageing process, but you can delay it.  Over a series of short articles I will tell my simple story of how I am doing just that.

Now I dream of a life of fitness and health, until a few days before I die, when my body says its time to die.  The age of 95 would be just fine!

With the drinking habit gone, everything I consume requires thought and consideration.  It took a couple of years before I started enjoying caffeine again.  Fruit is becoming more interesting, smoothies from the blender have begun to happen, sparkling water consumption is on the increase and the selection of spices, spiced sauces and chilli condiments is impressively dorning the pantry shelves.

Yet this “trick” to pause my ageing process is much simpler than a food.  Its a type of exercise.

Over the next few weeks, I will be publishing 9 more short pieces:

  1. Hair turning from grey to black
  2. The exercise programme
  3. Doing the exercises
  4. The power of google
  5. Feeling stronger
  6. Upright
  7. The ballet dancer
  8. Body tone returns
  9. “Everything” works so well

I can assure you this works, as can my partner.  Its an amazing thing.  Five easy minutes a day and after nine months, the gestation period of a foetus, you will be new

Follow me for a new you.

Ability to Smile

To be able to think is a great gift; to be able to move my hands as powerful a gift.
I will never drink so much again, such that I could lose that ability

My belligerent drinking side would once have ignored any compassion for these words.  When I was fit and able and had no comprehension of disability.  I read about, yet never digested the words of the infirm.  The drinking positivity deflected me away from the negative world, in which I belonged.

Yet – with a drink in my hand – I was disabled

I ignored the risk of more drinking each night; was powerful and in charge of my own little world: a mile from the reality of the people, places, work and encumbrances that occupied my home sober.

Its an understandable mindset, for I held it for nearly thirty years.  It sat happily in my heart and I was powerful and self assured, until I lost my mobility for three months and I ached inside.

And now I sit at my coffee table long after midnight listening to songs on YouTube and watch my hand take up my cup, with more than strength, power and co-ordination than ever before.  I am stronger, wiser and no longer harm my body.

Its gone midnight and the lightness of some songs came to my subsconcious after a drama series.  And I took stock.  I can now do anything:walk and think and drive if I want to.  I am able and have full brain functionality, realising that I can.

Drinking takes this away from you.

I can smile tonight and remember it.