Monthly Archives: January 2017

Steady Consistent

Each day is not a challenge.  I enjoy not drinking beer.

Anyone who has enjoyed a bad habit to excess will know its pleasures, but will also know the point of regret.

When you have lived and nearly died from over indulgence; when you remember the hospital ward and the critical physicians, thats the first reminder to continue resistance to temptation.

When you see the sunshine glistening on tree leaves after the downpour; the brilliant sunset; that’s the second reminder.

A third reminder is the child who comes for the parental hug; the lover who seeks a cuddle; the friend who calls for help.

I was not a drinker to forget or runaway.  I drank to enjoy and will do so again, yet when I am 90 and on my child’s 50th.  Even then I will question THAT promise, as I have so much happiness, but for now I watch and enjoy everything.

I am consistent with my approach and I have a steady hand.

I fear not being caught and am calmer throughout.

I am myself again.