Using Guidance to Smile

I have discovered you have to smile!

Not because you are happy, but because you are in the right place.  

And at the right time.  

To gain this level of certainty, you need to understand the variables. And make informed choices. 

Useful Guidance is not only possible, but to smile is everything.  And if you follow your instinct after proper guidance, you will smile and that smile is just magical

When I nearly died on the operating table, I had to rebuild myself. Nobody had guided me in this way. There was just right and wrong. No reasons for either. 

I seek to put a magical spin on everything and just explain everything. In simple terms. So teenagers can make their own choices. 

I follow a simple plan: to help people smile and teach them

I have started a series of Teenagers’ Guides, which are aimed at suggestions why things are like they are.

My first one is the Teenagers Guide of Alcohol, but the next three I am working on are:

  1. The Teenagers’ Guide to Dying – just an introspection from personal experience
  2. The Teenagers’ Guide to Religion – a mere analysis of why people think its a good idea 
  3. The Teenagers’ Guide to Politics – why do people have the debate

I do not lecture people nor force them too act, because my guides are not about educating,  They are examinations of ‘why make the decision to do something’ and ‘why do they do it’.  Why fear dying when it will happen, so lighten up?  Why follow religion when there is no certainty you are right?  Why have one political view when another could be right? 

I was lucky. Somehow I survived, but a lot of people do not. 

They would not be in such peril if they just slowed down and knew the variables. 
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Its fun

JOHN SWAN – and trainee Wizard